Sinabo Wasanthe

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23 February, 2021
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Song Description

Sina boo...Wasanthe...Ma sithu pathu se pawela...Sinawoo...Galanne...Wdala so susuman lathawena...Seethala pini athare...Apa senehasa badune jeewithe rasa dena...Ne badaka perase...Risise piya naguwe yawwane suwadena...

Song Description

In the symphony of creativity, Sanjeewa Weliwatta has woven a tapestry of enchanting melody, complemented by the lyrical artistry of Rasika Wijeratne. Transcending musical realms, Tharindu Saranga has sculpted this harmonious creation into a tangible auditory experience, with Sanjeewa Weliwatta's dulcet tones breathing life into each note. Behold the magic of "Sinabo Wasanthe", inviting you to immerse yourself in its musical embrace. Tune in and embrace the enchantment, or seize the opportunity to download the ethereal Sinabo Wasanthe.mp3 file directly from our website.

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