Jeewithe Chaarika

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12 February, 2021
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Song Description

Hamuvimak Athi Da Me Ma Kere Adara Sitha Aduna... Wen Vimak Nathi Da Me Ma Keren Adara Sitha Banduna... Wedana Madde... Adare Asse... Apage Kathawan Liyawevido... Ragi Sinawan... Pembara Kathawan... Mata Nuhuru Thale Pawasavido... Sitha Midum Wadi Adaren Math Wevi... Ma Dase Aloke Pavi Giya... Seetha Meedum Wadi Adaren Math Wevee... Maa Dase Aloke Pawi Giya... Jeevithe Charika Me Wage Wevinam Nonidama Lanwemuda Srungariye... Randu Seya Madin Hangu E Adare... Kavikara Nil Dasa Kondura Giya...

Song Description

Talking about this song, the lyrics, music composition, melody and singing are done by Pradeep Rangana. The Jeewithe Chaarika.mp3 file of this song, which he has composed very carefully, is available for free download and listening through our website. This song is titled as "Jeewithe Chaarika".

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